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"He’s in love - with humanity.”

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I see Cas hasn’t lost any of his sass.

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Do you… 

… still remember the Castiel as The Last Unicorn theory I cooked up a few years back? That theory is still going strong now and has taken wings and started to fly. XD

Yeah, I just realized that…. while watching Psych.

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Forecast for season 9: Cas makes a lot of sad faces and I cry into a pillow for the rest of my life. [x]

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Hanging Up The Halo.

Season 9 is almost here!

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Sera Gamble didn’t want Cas to come back. Misha: Well he’s back. #Aecon4 






Is that first sentence verified from somewhere? Or was it just the audience speculating? 

i cant find it yet in tweets


I fucking knew it. Fucking Sera Gamble

I don’t hate Sera, but I think it was a poor business choice cutting Castiel off. It’s simple - if your business’s performance is worse than the year before, the last thing you would want to do is to cancel one of the top selling products. And now you look at it and you see somewhat an irony. Castiel stays, but Sera’s gone…. and customers (viewers)? well, they are happier now. 

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He’s not “a grunt”. He’s not “a foot soldier”. He’s not “some lowly unimportant angel.” He’s not a mal’akh.





In case you’re not clear on what that means, the seraphim are among the highest echelons of angels. They’re the Burning Ones, the serpents of purifying flame, who cover their faces and feet with two pairs of wings and fly with the third, created to sing YHVH’s praise endlessly. They are the kindlers and enlighteners, angels of clarity and action. Judaic mythology puts them at the fifth choir – the upper-middle rungs of Heaven. Christian mythology describes them as the first choir of the first sphere: the highest order, personal guardians of God’s throne.

Does that sound like a grunt to you?

Furthermore, in 7.21 we learned that Castiel was a captain in Anna’s garrison. If you don’t know why that’s a big goddamn deal it’s probably because you’re not familiar with what the word “garrison” actually means. It’s not just a squadron, people, it’s the entirety of the armed forces stationed at a given base, ie an entire city when it’s humans. When they talk about the garrison they’re talking about all the angels assigned to watch over Earth.

And Castiel was a ranking commanding officer in that, with a battalion of angels at his command. He wasn’t some random foot soldier who just happened to be the first one to reach the Righteous Man in Hell, but a leader in that assault. Despite his brusque nature he’s well-known, well-loved, and charismatic as hell in his own inspirational way – enough so to stir civil war against an archangel.

You should show him…some respect.

A year later and people in the fandom still dismiss Cas as some grunt? >:[]

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……. wait

I think a post I saw just sent me into a different galaxy altogether. Cas is in a relationship with MEG?

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#Castiel’s Favorite Things to Do: A List in No Particular Order #1.) Show off for Dean #2.) Save Dean #3.) Dean (via tyrannosaurusprick)

Castiel’s face though…. “Bitch, please. Here we go again with the little errands.”

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you can tell he expects to turn around and hear “Hello Dean” 

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subite-vene-in-orem wrote:
""#and i will say it's about damn time #i have a headcanon on angel evolution and hierarchy and whatnot because I like military discipline etc etc #cas STILL not an archangel to date ruins my headcanon to oblivion" well, there's this tiny case of cas rebelling against heaven, so i guess here lies the problem of an eventual promotion? SPOILERS: there's been talk of cas gaining new powers (i think misha mentioned that?), e.g. an ability to send people inside other people's minds (in the next ep.)."

Technically, Cas leading the revolution (reluctantly) makes him a de facto general, doesn’t it?

After all this time, I would think the angel from S4 would’ve evolved by now in terms of power. He’s not the same footsoldier even if the power upgrade isn’t as drastic as angel-to-archangel. I could talk all day about what I think of power and evolution. So I’ll just go with the theory of evolution in the sense that necessity forced the change (upgrade) in him. Fighting all day and everyday should’ve raised his level for combat. Running (and outrunning) angels during the manhunt in S5 should have made him faster, etc etc.

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