Saw the Carver interview. While I actually do have some hope for S8, I also find myself not actually putting my complete trust, not even on Carver at the helm.

This is why:

"Within each episode, there’s always a fair amount of [physical] separation, just as they’re tracking down the case, but we’re doing some episodes that are pretty new, structurally, for us, in which sometimes you’re going to see them less than you would, but that’s not affecting the myth at all [either]. The boys are pretty much always together," Carver stressed.

It seems that everyone, including the actors, are all stressing so HARD how the brothers aren’t separated. I’ve already ranted about this before, that for some reason we are being constantly reminded that the brothers are inseparable and here, too. And what I think about that.

On one hand, I sense that Carver has a lot planned and wants to explore a LOT in Supernatural, but on the other, there is this glaring restraint. Every single time he mentions other characters and further exploration of mythology, there’s a whiplash reminder of “the brothers” being the core and they’re still together. It reeks of something unpleasant, as if he’s surrounded by rabid dogs ready to bite and he’s always trying to calm them down by saying ‘oh hey don’t worry, the brothers are still good, I haven’t forgotten how nasty you all are when they’re not in the same scene together’. 

Oh right. That’s exactly what happens every time something and someone new are given a share of the spotlight. Fandom goes rabid and mouths start to froth with bile, demanding the brothers to get back on the stage pronto.  

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