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#this is a proclamation of love

#sometimes my heart breaks #because dean is hopelessly in love with cas #and he’s so fucking angry about it #he can’t enjoy it #it terrifies him #because atrocious shit happens to people he loves #every single one of them #dean doesn’t see love as a benefit or a gift #he sees it as a burden #an achilles heel #a pit trap #he sees it as an accident waiting to happen #he’s a liability #anyone who loves him will die in the end #mom #dad #sam #bobby #cas #but cas keeps coming back #cas is a fucking angel of the absent lord #he’s wrath and wroth and power #he’s a hurricane in a bottle #and he’s not going anywhere #so dean you keep being angry #you’ve got one hell of a temper #but cas smote half of heaven because he was pissed #i think cas can handle whatever you throw at him #and love you in spite of it (via Deanlorean)

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"Cas smote half of heaven because he was pissed"

I feel like highlighting that. And…

"but Cas keeps coming back"

Because there’s still a shit ton of fics where Cas is turned into some weepy doormat who can’t fight his own battles let alone assist, and it still annoys me. He smote half of heaven when he was pissed. That’s him blind with fury.

But on his most lucid moments (and even when not), he keeps coming back to protect Dean regardless of everything that’s happened in the past (and future, I bet). It takes someone with some balls of steel to do that and still be capable of love (especially when you were made to have none).

— Anyway, I’m just glad that Dean and Cas are now actually ‘talking’ this season. And I say ‘talking’ with a healthy dose of cynicism but definitely an improvement. What, it took 5-6 years and several deaths, a dash of insanity and a trip in purgatory to bring it here? About time, yeah?

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9x09 part 2 


I now have extreme hate towards the fact that Kevin just got torched. Why the hell was that necessary.

This totally cancelled any good feels I had from this ep at the start.

And once again, snafu. I have this urge to nitpick why that angel-mojo-lie was even necessary to begin with. Damnit.

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Omg Castiel. That’s my Godstiel in the making minus the megalomaniac godhood attitude.

The one who did what he had to do and a reluctant warlord. I love it.

Not yet done watching. I just finished the part when Cas was on the phone. The first time he inhaled the angel grace, I went yay and then he confirmed it.

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Batman and Robin feels 

So, I did a rewatch marathon of Nolan’s Batman movies and I noticed something from the second movie that escaped me the first time around. I must’ve been too distracted by the sheer awesome of Batman, Joker and Two-face and Gordon being so perfect.

Anyway, what I failed to realize back then was that when Batman and Joker were having their party, Joker was beating Batman with a lead pipe. While inside a net.

I consider that a nod to the Jason Todd, Death in the Family storyline. A lot of people consider Death in the Family as the point in Batman’s timeline when things got darker. Less of the camp and perk of when the bright red Robin made the cape friendlier and more of the Batman Asshole extraordinaire.

And then in the second movie, it ends with Gordon destroying the bat signal, the death of a hero (Dent), the burning of a letter (Rachel), destruction of the Bat’s eye (Fox’ toy) and Batman believing he’s alone and should be alone now in the dark.

My god, I have new love for how a Robin-less movie still gave all the oomph of Death in the Family and the all encompassing impact to Batman’s character shift during that period in the comics.

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Do you… 

… still remember the Castiel as The Last Unicorn theory I cooked up a few years back? That theory is still going strong now and has taken wings and started to fly. XD

Yeah, I just realized that…. while watching Psych.

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SPN 9x03 

I can’t really give SPN a proper review or even make long commentaries like I used to. These days, it feels more like I have random bouts of short thoughts for scenes. So!

1. His name is Clarence! My Megstiel as strange-friends self was happy with that reference.

2. Human Cas would make one hell of a hunter. He retained the reflexes of a warrior angel, and the knowledge of one. All he needs is to get used to this human limitation (aka weaker in brute force and actually feeling the wounds), and obvious necessities like eating, sleeping, pooping…. but yeah.

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SPN 9x02 

Is anyone else uncomfortable with this weekly lobotomy? Because this is a guaranteed train wreck that I’m watching. I’m already willfully ignoring the deus ex machina mode as it is, and this also feels like it’ll be a weekly thing.

When Sam said he’s good/happy, it’s like breadcrumbs made of neon glow in the dark stones, and with built-in tracking device and sirens. The incoming train wreck isn’t even subtle.

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S9 ep1 

Two things:

1. Castiel stripped!
2. Dean, you never learn.

Also, I want some Cas and Ezekiel bropast backstory. The fact that the title design for this season has wings is rekindling my interest for Supernatural.

I just want Cas to have friends and allies who don’t use him as a doormat.

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S9 Castiel 

So I read the Huffington interview of Misha. While generally, the Cas arc seems promising, I frown at the necessity of a sexual experience. 

I intended this to be a longer post, but my brain just died trying to find the merit of yet one more fling/sexuality as some core aspect of one’s humanity. 

Nonetheless, premise of fallen angels sounds good to me. I do wish Cas had an ally with him among the fallen folk, however. I can even understand why Cas would want to retire at this point. All he’s done is fight and fight and fight for the right thing, and nothing turned out right.

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I watched the Castiel and Crowley TV promo. Feels….FEELS~~~ I got feels like whoa.

It brings me back to my Team Kings phase, and apparently that part of me is still waving flags.


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Well then, I’m finally beginning my long overdue semi-marathon of SPN Season 8. I had to restart with ep 1 again since it’s been several months. Currently at ep 2, but I just wanted to stop by and go, “HAH”

Because my old theory ended up not being a theory anymore. That Cas left Dean to protect him.

Okay, that is all. I shall now continue. 

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"what i really don’t understand is…why to some people, not supporting LGBT means we are an asshole, disgusting and doesn’t deserve to live in this world?? talk about having the freedom to choose huh? YES we chose not to support LGBT so suck it up! don’t go around calling people disgusting..respect others as well even though we have different ideology…we don’t go around calling gay people disgusting so why should you call us NON-LGBT supporters disgusting??"



You just walk around saying your relative/friend made the wrong choice and is now unacceptable. It still means you’re an asshole. If you can’t respect LGBT, then what makes you respectable? Being straight? Please.

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Among the things that bother me about shippers is when they say, “I like shipping this guy and that guy, but I am against homosexual relationship. I will never accept it in real life.  It’s only fine in fiction but for real, it’s just wrong.”

Because really. So the existence of homosexual and homosexual relationships are just good enough to be fictional but “so wrong” when it’s real, right? Because real people are wrong to be homosexuals. And it’s also wrong to be in that sort of relationship, apparently. 

This whole thing angers me and I’m bordering on incoherent that I can’t even rant about this properly. 

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Humanity in fandom failing 

I thought Supernatural fans were bad enough for the level of seriousness in their shipping of Jensen and Jared even if those two have wives and children… and believing they’re sincerely in love, while the wives are just posers and beards.

Arashi’s obsessed shippers are WORSE.

The worst part, I already don’t follow any of those blogs (primarily because I do not want to interact with that fandom and don’t have the time either) and only watch the general tag. But all the stupid are there.

According to my friend, KPOP shipping is even worst.

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As you can see 

This blog has ceased functioning as mostly Supernatural or mostly Castiel. I have become a casual fan, i.e. someone with good (and very bad) memories of the show but not inclined to follow it religiously anymore. I’m not too sure the old love can be rekindled.

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