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There’s an anti-Misha tag? How can anyone make something like that? DX

They’ve been frothing ever since the jibcon Jensen/Misha fake make-out stills/gifs/vid/happysqueals came out.

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WOW those are incredibly good!!!

Thanks~~ XD I’m actually still copying a lot of paintings of horses for this, learning the strokes. 

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oh my god DON’T TELL PEOPLE I SAID THIS but there was this show sa SM southmall nung chinese new year mas maganda pa ‘tong mga gawa mo kaysa sa featured artworks nila!!!! gosh so GOOD

I demand that you SHOW UP at Edsa Shangri-la (the mall, I think) when I join the exhibit this year. DEMAND, you hear. lol Let’s make it an eyeball of sorts all the same.

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And then there is this part where I do most of my reading XD 

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it’s 2am here, I am the future~~~ XP happy new year! XD <3

Happy New Year from the past~ XDDD

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now more than ever, really. i thought misha ‘shipping destiel’ was explicit…

I’ll be shocked if it gets anywhere.

It’ll just be more of the same, and then insert the random woman who shall be the darling of the de-virginized Castiel. 

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i snorted at the ‘jilted lover’ like.

Of course they’d say that. They’ve been baiting the Destiel fans for the longest time.

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OH so it happened to everyone? D:

Looks like other people ended up following weird blogs too D:

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i just now am able to post things…. i changed my password and everything just in case but it won’t let me delete the stupid post! should i like email staff or something?

Well if this is happening to a lot of blogs, tumblr staff is probably being bombarded by now.

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apollojolras answered your post: Okay so somehow my tumblr…

this happened to me!! and i can’t delete the post!! is it from the blog “nice-pooper”?

For a while too, I couldn’t even post anything D:

I even thought I got hacked or something. wtf tumblr

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my-stereo-heart-beats-for-you wrote:
"Wait I don't watch Supernatural but I was just curious, are those Destiel GIFs of people telling Dean that Cas is in love with him fan edits or are those actually from the show because I can never tell anymore"

Yeah, it happened on the show and it’s on the script that people kept saying Cas is in love with him (not always verbatim). It’s been a while since I’ve seen those eps, so I won’t be able to name each one in particular. I do remember Uriel saying to Dean that Cas likes him. And then there’s Balthazar saying the famous, “You’re getting me confused with the other angel - You know, the one in the dirty trenchcoat who’s in love with you.”



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phoenix-greece wrote:
"could you tell me the story about the art with Mishas signature on it?"

Ah, I already forgot what year that was. It should be around before S6 ended.

I live in the Philippines, so me and being able to meet Misha/attend a con = never gonna happen unless I pay with some limbs. I have a friend who’s in Canada, though. So I printed a couple of artworks (for me and for her), and sent it to her. And then, she called up the studio to make sure that she had the right address, and that they’re actually right there and filming. Then she sent it to them (by mail).

This relay of art and signature took about 6 months or so, and I already forgot about it, to be honest. Considered it a gone thing, until I got the mail. In the mail I sent out, I also wrote Misha a letter. It’s been VERY LONG so I don’t recall what I’ve written anymore. I did say at the end of it, “If you read this far, please say something. Please sign the prints and send these back, though. You can have the duplicates I sent but I want the signed ones back.”

And well, I got my copy with Misha’s signature on each (I sent 2 different fanarts and both were signed), the one with “BELIEVE” on it has Misha’s short letter back. :D

And then S6 ended, and I was filled with rage. But “Believe” had been a good reminder that good things happen. Then S7 happened, and I was still enraged. And then S8 happened, which I haven’t seen, but judging from the reactions of people on my dashboard, I might actually go back in rage.

And that’s the story behind Believe + Misha’s signature and that good things DO happen. You just have to wait sometimes.

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that or you could create a new tumblr to have everything more organized, which is what I decided to do

thighmasterhold replied to your post: My tumblr is so scatterbrained I feel like I…

Same. My blog is so random I think I should do at least 10 separate blogs to have things in order but it’s already hard to keep up with one blog, I don’t think I can even keep up with 2…


And yes on both accounts. I’m considering just making a few subblogs and reblogging the stuff I like on those. But I won’t be able to follow anyone. I’m just too lazy to create a separate blog with a separate email now and have the issue of logging on and off several times.

I tried to sort out the contents of my blog via tags but it’s just way too many and the interests are too diverse at this point. This blog’s a mess. XD

Somehow my tumblr’s reply feature is messed up. wtf. I may need to reinstall missing e or something >_>

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wandamaximoffs wrote:
"Mich I'm actually just downloading the new episode but I've seen some gifs and there was a hUG I REPEAT DEAN AND CAS HUGGED /you probably already knew this due to time zones and everything but I had to tell you oh my god it finally happened"

I only just got home and haven’t dared to look at my dashboard at all all day XDDDD and yeah, I still haven’t downloaded the new ep yet. I curse this Wednesday schedule since it meant I can’t watch it via livestream (boo work days).

Here’s hoping the hug wasn’t forced or anything! Crossing my fingers to see two good friends in the episode.

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Anonymous wrote:
"i've missed you :')"

Thank you, whoever you are :3

Too much work and too little time kept me away. I think I found the cure to tumblr addiction. Now I leave for work again~

(somehow my asks don’t have a tag box anymore…what happened to my addon weh)

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