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this scene is what we live for

This scene is us.

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That’s what it’s for. - Arthur Miller

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Have you ever noticed… 



…most of the time, Sherlock smiles in someone’s face and then stops as soon as they aren’t looking.


But with John, he tries to look cool and collected when he’s secretly pleased.

I may be reading too much into this. Or having an excess of Johnlock feels tonight. Either way, I think it’s cute.

nope, you’re not reading too much into this at all …

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"As we already know with the Downey, Jr. movie franchise that there’s room enough for two [Sherlocks], so why not three? [Elementary] will be different and I don’t think it’ll take away the love for ours, and there’s no reason to be churlish or bitter about them or what they’re trying to do."


Benedict Cumberbatch


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Patiently Waiting For the Next Season of Sherlock 


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Martin Freeman (Watson) has said that when Sherlock and Moriarty are together, his job as an actor is to get out of the way. So how does Moriarty actually regard John Watson?
AS: Oh, he’s absolutely on his radar. Moriarty has an obsession with Sherlock, but that means the detective’s best friend is always going to 
cause some sort of stirring of strong emotions. There’s a scene in the final episode where I wanted to be able to show that in a small way what Moriarty’s attitude to John is. I think it’s one of restrained respect, but also one of envy. Because Moriarty is a sociopath, I think there is something he doesn’t fully understand about friendship. He doesn’t have any friends himself, and that’s what separates him from Sherlock.

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I don’t have friends. I’ve just got one.

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John’s Tumblr addiction, Part three: 


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you see clouds fly around your head

and you don’t know why,

you don’t know why

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Sherlock Holmes (2009) & Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011)
In which Watson looks disapprovingly over his newspaper.

#watson x bitchface

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    ↳ That awkward moment when almost everyone in the show ships Johnlock. Including Sherlock and John.

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